1>  The breeder guarantees your dog / puppy to be in good health at the time of the sale.


2>   The dog / puppy must be checked out by a veterinarian within a 72 hours (3 days) from the time of purchase. GUARANTEE IS VOIDED W/O A VET CHECK BEING PERFORMED WITHIN THE FIRST 72  HOURS.


3>  The breeder also guarantees the pup up to 12 months from the date of purchase against any of these major genetic defects:  BLINDNESS, DEAFNESS, HEART MURMURS, EPILEPSY, AND LIVER ISSUES.   


 *If your veterinarian finds anything seriously wrong with your puppy during this time. An exchange for another puppy of equal value (customers choice) will be done immediately or as soon as a puppy becomes available.  The replacement puppy can not be from the same dam and sire. WRITTEN DOCUMENTATION IS REQUIRED FROM THE VETS OFFICE.


4>  If for any reason the dog/puppy happens to die within the first 72 hour period from purchase time. The breeder requires that an autopsy be performed at the owners expense and that the findings be submitted to the breeder prior to any exchanges taking place.


5>  The dog/puppy is being sold for "PET USE ONLY" . 


6>  The owner assumes ALL RESPONSIBILITY for the dog/puppy upon leaving my premises.  This includes all of but not limited to the following: death, allergies, medical expenses, behavioral issues, training problems, house training issues, and/or changes in temperment. All veterinarian bills you may incur with the dog/puppy are also owners responsibility.


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